She's my baby

Encore des paroles qui me traînent dans la tête…

Pour cette fois c’est « I hear your voice »

Ou plutôt:


Comme je me rappel du rythme, j’ai pu retrouver la chanson; je savais que c’était une de Faithless.

Et c’est « she’s my baby », album « Sunday 8pm »

La mémoire étant ce qu’elle est, j’ai retenu « I hear your voice », ce qui n’est pas ce que dit Maxi Jazz…

A écouter avec les paroles sous les yeux, afin d’admirer le rythme des paroles.

Mmm, come to papa
I see you working,
through the beat curtain in the kitchen.
Switchin, leavin’ me twitchin’,
I’m itchin’ to be kissin’ you
But discipline is the rule,
so I sip my oran’juice and act cool,
She irresistible
We fool around twice a week, she make me weak
Nice when she put her tongue in my cheek
Not petite, baby got a large physique
She take charge, take me where I dare not repeat
I go … like a hi-hat, plantin’ kisses on your back
You like that, Mrs. X, reputation intact
Nobody in my block know we’re like down like that
In the next flat, the one from where I live with my mum
And Uncle John, he ain’t my uncle when it’s been far too long
But me and she been going strong, almost a year
Wait ’til the coast is clear, I don’t boast for fear of being caught
Maybe we ought to start, maybe not
For now, my baby gets all I got
Boom, how come we always trash the room?
Grab your clothes ’cause you know someone’ll be home soon
And now you see there be a need to explain gently
Why this mother of three is playin’ games with me
She’s my baby
She’s my baby

she’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby
she’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby

I’m a slave to your outrage
Rocket rocks stiff shocks and a roll cage
Color-coded alloys, much noise, spoilers are poised
Exhaust note to make me wait for old age
Yes yes. Who got the keys to my RS
We goin’ on a road test, hit the M4 and head west
Forever impressed with the sound of my two-liter
We cover ground, engine singin’ like Anita Baker
And if I take a corner too quick you get sick, when I do my handbrake
Watch me ride, me broadside’s wide like a battleship
Side slip, push, only hip, stick it in gear and give the gas a flip
It never failed to bring a grin to the limb
Baby’s equipped
me and she gone clear
I got quick rack reduction on my understeer
I been fairly and squarely described as hairy
People say my baby is scary
Look, you pays your money and you takes your choice
I just love to hear my baby’s voice
She’s my baby

She’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby
She’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby

I roll up for the session, everything in position
My friends demonstratin’ erudition
I listen for a minute before takin’ sides
Sleepy eyes on the limit sit down an’ spin it
Like we do every Friday ‘roun my way
Why play the fool with demon alcohol
As a rule my baby gets passed around
I don’t frown, I love to see my friends gettin’ down
When it’s just me an’ she you know it’s never precarious
But sharin’ with ya buddies is hilarious
Variously we argua an’ disagree an’ get heated
Hafta tell my people to be seated
An’ restart the anti-stress process
‘Til there’s a big mess of twigs an’ seeds to meetcha needs
An’ with that first inhaled hello…
Guaranteed mellow
She’s my baby
She’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby
She’s my baby (2x), sweets my baby

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