Koken bug : api loopback

I recently installed koken, just for playin, and I have the ‘api loopback problem’ : “API Error. The theme is not able to contact Koken’s API. Ensure that your host is not blocking loopback connections.”

Here is a generic patch against Koken 0.17.3 :

For Gandi hosting (that provide Varnish in front so that $_SERVER[‘SERVER_ADDR’] resolve to an RFC1918 IP), here is my patch :

Note the line 8 : you have to change this to the CNAME hostname of your Gandi’s vhost.

tmpfs, use case


tmpfs is a memory filesystem available on many *nix (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, Solaris, for those I’ve touched) (it’s called md on *BSD but I’ll always refer to it as tmpfs)

You’ll ask me what it is used for … Please note that the RAM is 1 millions times faster than a hard disk : access on the former are of nanoseconds, tenth of milliseconds on the latter. Okay, cache system on hard disk made those access are faster than I say, but they are far from those of RAM.

So what ? According to my small tests, without being 1000x faster access time are 10 to 50x faster, and only electronic : no mechanism. You see my point ?

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