Radio bathroom


In order to learn capoeira songs, I planned to listen to them when I take my shower. And I would the system to be as simple as possible : just one click.


First of all, buy a bluetooth speaker. I bought this one :

Cheap, nice, light, quite long autonomy. Do the job.

Next step : make it connect automatically to a computer, so that sound will be player trough it.

Of course I took a Linux. As I have a Raspberry Pi always on, why not use it ?

Here come the trickiest part : make the BT speaker connect or be connected as soon as it’s on. Solution is here :

To summerize :

Now, as soon as the speaker is powered on, it will be recognized and connected.

Next step: make sound through it.


I use Alsa, as I don’t want to install PulseAudio, which requires more configuration:

Now, my default sound output is my BT Speakers.

Next: let’s play!

Let’s play

I use MPD. MPD automatically plays when launched, continuing where it stops. I can give him parameters when it’s on (random, playlist, …) and they will be kept.

I just have to tell him to play through Alsa.

One more thing…

Ok, now power on the speaker, feed mpd with the music you want, play it. Ok, I got sound.

BUT if I switch the speaker off, mpd become crazy and switch the speaker back on doesn’t make it recover its sanity: it doesn’t play anymore.

Maybe should I use an other player, maybe should I look to dbus to see if mpd (or whatever) can react to dbus events, maybe should I use Pulseaudio, but I choosed to make a little shell script.

Run it as root whith

And you are on : power on the speaker, and music will come after few seconds. Power it off, mpd will stop.

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